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Instant Performer Testimonials

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“I was using penis pills before Instant Performer. They were pretty good but I didn’t like taking a pill every day. With Instant Performer, I just rub it on before sex and my penis gets so hard and big. I’ve noticed my penis getting thicker all over since I started using Instant Performer 2 months ago. I have only gone through 1 tube now. I can only imagine how much bigger my penis is going to get after I finish with this 3 month supply.” – Dave

“I bought Instant Performer because my girlfriend takes so long to climax. I would always finish before her and wouldn’t be able to get hard again for an hour or so. Now I can just put on some Instant Performer and my penis stays hard after I ejaculate. It doesn’t even need a second to recuperate. My orgasms have been better too since I started using Instant Performer. I am not sure if that is from the ingredients or because more blood is going to my penis and balls. My girlfriend says she likes the taste of it too and is more willing to give me oral sex now which is another big plus.” – RM

“I have been in a relationship for 9 years and things were great until I started taking medications for my anxiety. My penis just stopped cooperating and I could see how it was affecting my wife. She assumed I wasn’t interested in her anymore when I really still find her as sexy as ever. Even though my meds were supposed to treat psych problems, the ED they caused just made me depressed. I talked to my doctor and he told me to exercise and stop watching porn and get on supplements because Viagra isn’t so good for ED from psych meds. I already exercise and don’t watch too much porn so I started looking online for supplements. I found Instant Performer and was curious. I didn’t expect it to work so fast! I get so horny now and my penis shoots up in a second after putting on Instant Performer. My wife can finally see how much I still really want her!” – Antony

“I am 40 now and started to have impotence problems. My penis didn’t get so hard as before and after so much time without a good erection my penis was getting shriveled. I broke up with my wife 3 years ago and was thinking that my chances of having a relationship were over already because no woman wants an impotent guy! I took a few pills and they did an okay job but were unpredictable with results. I came across Instant Performer and decided to give it a try. It gets me rock hard every single time and without a hitch! These erections I get are even better than when I was in my 20s. I keep a tube by the bed and just rub a bit on when things get heated up and the sex is amazing.” – Luis