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Extenze User Experiences

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“I was having ED problems because of my long hours on the job and too much stress. I tried Viagra but it didn’t do me any good because I am healthy aside from this stress. I found out about Extenze online and figured I’d give it a shot. I didn’t have sex for the first 15 days after I started with it but I did notice that I was getting morning wood so it must have been working already. I didn’t expect the results that quick. I also didn’t expect Extenze to make my penis get so much bigger. I thought I was buying an ED pill and got a bigger penis instead. No complaints from me, that’s for sure!” – Kyle B.

“I started using Extenze in 2005 so I must be one of the original customers. I buy Extenze in year quantities now to get the discount and it is a really great deal especially if you look at the price of other products. I can’t remember what first made me choose Extenze but I obviously made the right choice. I am 64 now and am the only one of my friends who isn’t taking little blue pills before sex. I love the energy that Extenze gives me. My sex life now is better than it was when I was younger and my lady friends can’t get enough of me. Until you feel how great it is to be that wanted, you have no idea of what it means to be a man. Yes, I full heartedly recommend Extenze.” – Richard

“I thought my boyfriend was an idiot when I found out he had bought some penis pills online. Then I noticed his penis was getting harder and harder until I was worried he would burst through the condoms. I had to start buying XLs! This is probably the best thing which could have happened to our sex life.” – Alisa

“I am a big fan of Extenze. It gets the job done alright and my penis bigger than ever. I feel like it hangs bigger too even when not hard but maybe that is because it got swelled up from that blood pumping in it and all the sex I’ve been having. I can’t imagine life without Extenze now. I just hope Biotab never stops making it or my sex life will go to pieces.” – Henrik