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Why Instant Performer is the Only Enhancement Gel You Should Consider

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We analyzed all of the top enhancement products for men and picked out the top 8. You will notice that Instant Performer the only topical solution on our list – the others are pills or penis extenders. Even though there are a lot of other penis creams and gels, Instant Performer is the only one you should consider for your enhancement needs.

Absorbability is Key
Instant Performer contains ingredients like pomegranate, l-arginine, muira pauma, and ginseng – all of which have been clinically proven to give you better, larger erections. However, that doesn’t mean every penis cream with these ingredients is going to improve your erections! If you want to get results from a topical penis supplement, it is important that the ingredients can actually get into your blood vessels.

Most of the cheap penis creams and gels have bases made from hydrolyzed oils. These oils are great when it comes to moisturizing your penis. However, they are not going to get absorbed by your blood vessels (at least not very quickly!). That means the ingredients won’t get below the surface of the skin and you won’t get results – no matter how great the ingredients are. Instant Performer uses a base made from aloe vera. Aloe vera is highly absorbable. Within about 2 minutes of rubbing the gel onto your penis, it will already be in your penis cells and taking effect.

Use Condoms? Pick Your Penis Gel Carefully!
Surprisingly, most penis enlargement creams and gels are not very practical when it comes to safe sex. Most contain oils like sunflower or soy oil. These oils can degrade latex condoms and cause them to break open! Unless you are in a long-term relationship and don’t use condoms, then you will want to pick Instant Performer. It is completely safe to use with condoms and contains no oils.

Chemical Penis Creams Taste Terrible!
Most men love oral sex. If you are relying on a penis cream to help you get a large erection, then you shouldn’t forget to consider its taste. As you can probably imagine, the chemically-based penis creams have a very disgusting taste. In some cases, they can even be harmful if ingested. Instant Performer is the perfect solution for men who want enhancement but without giving up oral sex. It doesn’t contain any unnatural flavors. However, its ingredients like vitamin C and pomegranate naturally have a slight taste. When asked, most women said they found the taste very pleasant.

Safe for Women Too
The vagina is much more sensitive than the penis. If you choose a penis enlargement cream which contains unnatural or harsh ingredients, you could upset the pH balance of your partner’s vagina and lead to irritation. Your girlfriend certainly wouldn’t be happy about that! While Instant Performer is made for men, it can also be used by women. The results won’t be as noticeable with women but the Instant Performer ingredients to help improve blood flow to the vagina. That means more clitoral engorgement so your girlfriend becomes more sensitive to touch and enjoys sex more.