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MaleExtra versus Extenze

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Extenze and MaleExtra are two of our leading male enhancement products. We put Extenze at #2 whereas MaleExtra gets the #3 spot for penis pills. It was really difficult to pick which of these products is “better” because they have some major differences which may make one the better choice for some men. Here are how MaleExtra and Extenze compare so you can make the right choice for your male enhancement needs.

What Benefits They Provide
Extenze is an all-around male enhancement pill. You are going to experience benefits including larger erections, more sexual energy, a boosted libido, and larger ejaculations. As with all our top penis pills, you are also going to get some benefits for your overall health too, like a boosted metabolism, healthier heart, and more energy.

MaleExtra also provides all-around benefits for sexual health. However, its main benefit is improving erection quality. The other benefits – like increased libido and stamina – are not as pronounced as the improved erection hardness, size and duration.

The Ingredients
Extenze contains 26 different ingredients. All of these ingredients are needed in order to provide the full range of sexual benefits that Extenze offers. With MaleExtra, you are only getting 12 ingredients. However, you are getting the ingredients in very high dosage amounts. MaleExtra contains 1500 mg, most of which is pomegranate and L-arginine. These high dosages are the reasons that MaleExtra is so powerful at improving erection quality and can be used as a natural cure for impotence.

Safety and Side Effects
Regardless of whether you pick MaleExtra or Extenze, you are getting an incredibly safe product with no serious risks. However, it should be noted that Extenze contains yohimbe. While yohimbe is a notorious aphrodisiac and performance enhancer, it is also a natural stimulant. It may make you feel a bit jittery. You may not want to take Extenze right before going to sleep because it could make it harder to sleep. The amount of yohimbe found in Extenze is enough to produce benefits but low enough that it won’t cause problems in almost all men. However, you should never take more Extenze than advised and people taking modafinil (a drug for sleep disorders) should consult their doctors before taking Extenze.

With both Extenze and MaleExtra, you are getting an incredible value considering the quality and dosage size. MaleExtra does have a better guarantee than Extenze though: 180 days versus 67 days. Since both products are going to get you results, you aren’t likely to be taking advantage of these guarantees anyway.

Which is Best for Your Needs?
If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, having weak erections, or difficulties getting erect again after sex, then MaleExtra is the best choice. It has such a high dosage of ingredients like pomegranate and L-arginine (proven to treat ED) that it will give you amazing erections in a very quick time. If your erection quality is decent but you want larger erections and all-around sexual benefits, then Extenze is the better choice. Either way, you are sure to be pleased with the results and are getting a great deal from these top male supplements!