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Who is Extenze Best Suited for?

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The word “enhancement” in male supplements can be confusing. It can refer to penis enlargement, harder erections, stamina, libido, or even the size of your ejaculation. Depending on what your male sexual needs are, you will need a different type of enhancement pill. Extenze is one of the few male supplements which provides all-around sexual benefits. However, we specifically recommend Extenze for men who are having erectile troubles, like weak erections or difficulties getting more than one erection in a night.

How Extenze Improves Erections
Erections don’t start with your penis. Rather, erection starts in your brain. When you become sexually stimulated, your brain triggers a chemical reaction which gets synapses firing and sending signals throughout your body. Certain parts of your body become more sensitive to touch and the blood vessels in your penis start to dilate. The blood flows into your dilated penis cells and fills up the penis’s spongy tissues until it is hard.

The erection process doesn’t just stop after you get a hard erection. Your blood circulation must be strong enough to keep blood pumping to your penis. You also have natural enzymes which counteract erection, notably the “PDE-5” enzyme. This enzyme makes your penis cells contract so blood pushes out of your penis. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all work by blocking PDE-5. The reason that these pharmaceutical drugs are ineffective in so many men is because they only treat one aspect of erection. If you want fantastic erections, you must treat all aspects.

Extenze is a male supplement which helps enhance all the aspects of getting an erection. First, the ingredients like zinc, folate and the prohormone blend will help balance your male hormones so you get aroused. Ingredients like ginseng are also very important for triggering erection because they calm your nervous system. If you have been having sexual problems because of stress, then Extenze is a great solution.

It isn’t enough just for Extenze to enhance the brain aspect of getting an erection (libido). You also need to have healthy vessels and cells which will dilate so blood can enter the penis. Extenze contains several ingredients which naturally dilate penile cells. Most notably, horny goat weed and L-arginine have shown very effective. They are even recommended for impotent men instead of Viagra. Horny goat weed is also called the “Natural Viagra” because it blocks PDE-5.

Extenze doesn’t stop there! It contains a blend of circulation boosters like nettle, licorice, and damiana leaf. These ingredients pump more blood throughout your body and into your penis. You will be able to get harder, larger erections and the erections will last much longer. That is why we recommend Extenze for men who are struggling with impotence, small erections or weak erections.

But What if You Aren’t Impotent? Does Extenze Still Have Benefits?
Extenze is a great solution for helping you get harder erections which last longer. However, you don’t have to be impotent to get benefits from Extenze. Most men don’t realize how much their erection quality – and size – suffers with age. As you get older, your blood circulation weakens, your cells get weak and can’t hold as much blood, and your nervous system gets shot from stress. That means your erections are smaller and weaker.

By taking Extenze regularly, you improve your overall sexual health. You may not notice the results right away but Extenze is boosting your health and slowly those benefits accrue. Over time, your erections will become larger because of all the extra blood pumping into your penis and your cells’ ability to hold the blood. You will also have a better sex drive thanks to Extenze, an important factor for maintaining healthy relationships. Both young and older men can benefit from adding a male supplement like Extenze to their daily routine to ensure that their sexual health and adequacy stays in top form.