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“My nutritionist had me drinking all this pomegranate juice after my heart attack and bypass. I don’t know how it was helping my heart but my erections were incredible! When I came across MaleExtra online, I decided to give it a try because of the pomegranate. It is a lot cheaper than drinking those $4 bottles of pom juice every day too. My erections were already great when I started with the MaleExtra. Then in just about a week they started getting amazing. My penis was even bigger and I was getting a lot more energy. Before I could have sex for about 15 minutes and now we go for 40+ minutes. My wife is younger than me and she is really pleased.” – Alan

“After 4 months of using MaleExtra supplements, I am very happy with them. I didn’t notice any benefits at first and was disappointed. I kept taking them and after apprx 2 months noticed my erections were harder, but not bigger. In month 3, I realized that my penis was bigger. That month just kept getting better. Even when I masturbate my erections get huge now and I have really big ejaculations that feel great.” – Steven

“I got MaleExtra as a bachelor party gift from my best man. I thought it was a gag gift but didn’t want it to go to waste so I started taking them. It turns out that my friend takes MaleExtra and he wanted a discreet way to share the knowledge about these penis pills without admitting he was also taking them. By the second week of MaleExtra, I had so much more energy and my fiancé was in shock. She thought I was excited about the wedding! When she noticed that my energy wasn’t going away and my dick was bigger, she knew something was up. She even called my best man and thanked him for the gift!” – Jude

“I am a big advocate of natural remedies and MaleExtra is one of the best I’ve found. The dosage is very high so you get your money’s worth. Take the full dosage until you start seeing your dick getting a lot harder and bigger. Then you can cut back to 1-2 capsules a day. Even taking just 1 capsule has more in it than most of the other penis pills and you still get better erections. MaleExtra is the pill which got my libido going too. I am going to stick with this one.” – Henrich

“My boyfriend uses MaleExtra and our sex life is fantastic! He started taking the pills when things were getting boring between us. Honestly, his dick wasn’t so big. Then he started with the MaleExtra and he gets so HARD now! He is so hard that his dick is at least ½ inch bigger and a lot thicker. I love how it feels when he climaxes best because he is like a canon on fire. I love my boyfriend and this just makes it all the better.” – Sandra