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“I choose Performer 5 because it was the cheapest penis pill which also listed all of the ingredients. The dosage amount is pretty high. I take one pill in the AM and another before bed. It took about 3 weeks for me to see results but then they came on like crazy. I felt so horny and my penis was getting huge even when I was just masturbating. It feels so great when I finish that I feel like I’ve lost my mind! I don’t have a girlfriend now but have a lot more confidence with women because I know that they are going to love sex with me.” – Andrew

“I’ve been taking Performer5 for 4 months now and am happy with the results. My penis wasn’t getting so hard before and I had trouble lasting more than 20 minutes during sex. My girlfriend really likes sex and is athletic so I couldn’t match her stamina. The results come on gradually with Performer5 so I didn’t even quite get it was working. Then one night after I’d been taking the capsules for like 6 weeks we were having sex and just keep going for over an hour. By the time I finally finished, there was so much cum it looked like the set of a porno. My girlfriend told me to never run out of these pills and made sure I reordered!” – Ari

“I don’t like the idea of using drugs to improve sex which is why I am against Viagra and other PDE 5 inhibitors. I am 42 now and I my sexual health was going downhill even though I am generally in good shape and exercise. I tried a few supplements and herbal solutions but not one of them did the job like Performer5. My erections are always solid and it is no problem for me to become erect 4 times in a night. I also noticed that I am having more erections when I wake up which is a good sign since I can’t remember when I last had ‘morning wood.’ Performer5 is also a lot easier to take since it is a capsule than those teas and powders I was using before.” – Owen

“I give Performer 5 two thumbs up plus something else way up too! I can’t believe the orgasms I am having. They seem to go on forever and it is like I am having 10 orgasms packed into one. My only complaint about Performer 5 is that there isn’t a female version because my partner is having a hard time keeping up with me. I am eager for more and she just looks at me like ‘Seriously, I can’t take any more!’” – Joel

“I started taking Peformer5 four years ago when my wife and I were trying to conceive. The doctor suggested I supplement with zinc to increase my sperm count and motility. We have a 2 year old son now and for that I am very thankful because the zinc in Performer 5 certainly helped. I continued to take Performer 5 because I love how it keeps our sex live revved. Even with a 2 year old in the house, I still have energy and the libido to give my wife fantastic sex. She deserves that much.” – Alejandro

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