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What is in Extenze: The Ingredients and their Benefits

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Of all of the leading penis pill supplements on the market, Extenze offers the most complete formula of 26 ingredients. Each of these ingredients have their own distinct purpose for being included in Extenze and will help you get fast, effective results for improving your sexual adequacy.


Folate and Zinc
The first two ingredients in Extenze are folate and zinc. Most men do not realize how important these nutrients are for their sexual health. Without enough of the nutrients, your pituitary and prostate health start to suffer. You will not be able to transmit sexual signals to your penis as well. Your prostate will also produce less seminal fluids so your orgasms become weak. With these two ingredients, your libido will go through the roof and your virility will soar.

The Extenze Male Prohormone Blend
This is the part of Extenze which really makes it stand out from other penis pills on the market. The two core ingredients in this blend – DHEA and pregnanolone – help balance male sex hormones. You will get a boost in your testosterone levels while reducing the effects of estrogen. Bodybuilders already know about the great benefits of these male supplements and use them for increasing energy and stamina. They also know that the supplements will boost your libido, erection strength, and ejaculation size.

The Extenze Bio-enhancement Blend
The bio-enhancement blend of Extenze consists of black pepper, piper (another pepper) and ginger. All of these natural ingredients are great circulation boosters and can help you get more blood to your penis. However, their main reason for being included in Extenze is because they will enhance the bioavailability of the other Extenze ingredients – meaning that the other ingredients get absorbed better. Instead of losing some of the dosage in digestion, you get more from each dosage. That is why you only need to take one tablet of Extenze instead of 3 tablets like other penis pills.

The Extenze Sexual Response Enhancement Blend
The Extenze Sexual Response Enhancement blend contains 19 different natural ingredients, most of which are herb based, such as yohimbe, ginseng, horny goat weed, astragalus, and velvet deer antler. These ingredients each have their own specific benefits and ways of working. They will help dilate penis cells so more blood can get into the penis, increase libido, support sexual energy, and improve endurance. Many of the ingredients also directly support cell health. Over time, your penis cells become stronger and capable of holding more blood so your erections get bigger!

The reason that Extenze has been chosen as one of our top male supplements for sexual enhancement is because it has such a complete formula of ingredients. All of these ingredients are clinically tested and considered very safe to use. Aside from the sexual benefits, these Extenze ingredients have also shown to produce other health benefits. That means you get all-around benefits from using Extenze. You can’t lose when you feel great and a performing great in bed!