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VigRx Plus Testimonials

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We asked VigRx Plus users to tell us their experiences with this #1 male enhancement product including why they chose it, what results they got, and how it has changed their lives. Here are their stories!

“VigRx Plus is the second penis pill that I tried and it is so great I can’t even begin to say how happy I am. I found it on an online review site for penis pills. It had twice the ingredients of the other pill I was using and cost 1/3 less. After 2 weeks of taking VigRx Plus, I was already noticing the better results than with my other pill. My penis got so much harder. Even after finishing, it would stay hard enough for me to have sex right away. My girlfriend is going crazy with happiness and I feel like such a stud in the bedroom.” – Jake

“I am a longtime advocate of natural remedies and life an overall healthy lifestyle. Age eventually caught up with me though and I began to experience erectile dysfunction problems and my penis seemed shriveled. I began to look for a product which would improve my sexual function and chose VigRx Plus because it contains ginseng and also catuaba. The first week of using VigRx Plus, I did not have any significant changes but honestly didn’t expect results for at least 3 or so months. So you can imagine my surprise when by week 3 I was feeling more vigorous and able to maintain a solid erection for about 10 minutes, a major improvement to before when I could barely become hard. By the end of the first month, I was enjoying sex again. It has now been 4 months of using VigRx Plus and I will certain reorder and recommend this product.” – Bob

“I bought VigRx Plus for my boyfriend because he was too embarrassed to talk to a doctor about his issues. I didn’t tell him it was for getting a bigger penis just that it would improve his stamina. He was taking it for like a month when he finally admitted that it was the best thing ever and thanked me. We were both in for a big surprise when his penis kept getting bigger. His erect penis went from about 5 inches to about 5 ½ inches and got A LOT thicker. I hoped that VigRx Plus would work but didn’t expect it to get results this great! Thanks a lot and especially thanks to the customer support who helped me with my purchase.” - Sarah