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Extenze FAQs

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What is Extenze?
Extenze is one of the leading male supplements for improving sexual health, including erection size. It contains a formula of 26 active ingredients that work together to enhance sexual health. Some of the benefits from Extenze include larger erection size, firmer erections, longer erectile endurance, less time between erections, better libido, and better stamina.


What benefits can I get from Extenze?
Aside from the sexual benefits of Extenze, this male supplement can also help improve your mental health (reducing anxiety and depression), improve focus, boost energy levels, improve circulation, improve heart health, and give you healthier hair/nails.

How do I take Extenze?
Extenze is a tablet. You just take one tablet per day with a glass of water. You can take Extenze with or without food. To get the best results from Extenze, try to take it at the same time every day.

How long do I need to take Extenze?
You need to take Extenze regularly every day in order to get benefits from this supplement. It generally will take about 2-4 weeks to experience the initial benefits of Extenze. The longer you take Extenze, the more pronounced the benefits will become. If you stop taking Extenze, some of the benefits will go away, especially if you are not keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Is Extenze safe? Are there any side effects?
Extenze ingredients are safe to use and have no known serious side effects. Do note that that Extenze contains yohimbe, a natural stimulant which is similar to coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then you should not take Extenze in the evening because it could make it more difficult for you to sleep though the amount of yohimbe in Extenze is safe and will not likely cause any sleep disruptions. Never take more Extenze than advised. If you have any health problems, it is always best to consult your doctor before taking Extenze or any other pills.

Can women take Extenze?
Extenze is meant to be used by men. However, women can also experience some benefits from taking Extenze like better energy levels and increased libido. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take Extenze without first consulting their physicians for advice.

How is Extenze different than other penis pills?
Extenze stands out from other penis pills because it has a complete list of 26 ingredients, whereas others only have about 10. Most penis pills also don’t offer the Prohormone blend that Extenze has. Unlike with our other top penis pills, you only have to take one Extenze pill daily (compare to 3 pills daily!). This is because Extenze has ingredients like ginger and black pepper which increase the absorbability of the ingredients so you get more from each dosage.

Where can I buy Extenze?
You can buy Extenze online from their official website. Purchases can be made with major payment forms and your order will quickly be sent out. All orders are sent in plain, unmarked packages for your privacy.