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Instant Performer FAQs

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What is Instant Performer?
Instant Performer is a topical gel which gets applied to the penis. It improves erection hardness, duration and size. If used regularly, Instant Performer can also increase penis size.

What is in Instant Performer?
Instant Performer contains a combination of all-natural ingredients including: L-arginine (an amino acid), vitamin C, pomegranate, Korean red ginseng extract, hawthorn berry extract, gingko biloba extract, muira pauma bark extract, catuaba bark extract, Chinese dodder seed extract, horny goat weed leaf extract, and aloe vera. Instant Performer also now contains Volufiline, a trademarked ingredient which is made from the plant Sarsasapogenin.

What results can I expect from Instant Performer?
Within minutes of applying Instant Performer to the penis, you should be able to get a harder, larger erection which also lasts longer. You can apply Instant Performer after climax to decrease the time between erections. You will get results from Instant Performer right away. As you continue to use Instant Performer, these results will get better over time. The ingredient Volufiline in Instant Performer will also gradually give you permanent penis enlargement, including flaccid and erection size.

Does Instant Performer really work?
Instant Performer ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to improve erection quality and size. Instant Performer is backed by a 180 day money-back guarantee so you can feel confident that you will get the results you need.

How do I use Instant Performer?
Just rub Instant Performer onto your penis and testicles. It is quickly absorbed into your penile tissues and you will get results within minutes.

How long will one tube of Instant Performer last?
It depends on how often you use Instant Performer and your penis size. In general, one tube of Instant Performer will last for a month if used once daily.

Are there any side effects to using Instant Performer?
Instant Performer is perfectly safe to use without any risks or side effects. Do not use Instant Performer if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in it.

Is Instant Performer just for men or can women use it too?
Instant Performer is made for men. However, the ingredients can benefit women too by increasing blood flow to the vaginal area.

Can Instant Performer be used with condoms?
Instant Performer is designed so you can use it safely with condoms. There are no oils which will deteriorate the efficacy of condoms.

Where can I buy Instant Performer?
You can purchase Instant Performer online from their official website. They take all major forms of payment and ship to most countries worldwide. All orders of Instant Performer are sent out promptly and typically arrive within 5-10 business days (depending on your location). You order will be kept confidential and sent in a discreet packaging without any labels or branding.